Master of the Dojo

The Master of the Dojo (aka Mojo) is currently the main man mouse to knock down at the Pinnacle Chamber of the Pagoda. Only responds to the Rumble, and you'd almost always need the Ambush Trap to even get a chance for success. Drops the Onyx.


Johan said...

I've catched two of theese in two days. I thought it would be harder... I happily found out they were worth alot of gold. Is there any other really good way to earn gold besides hunting these huge beasts down? =) Have to check up on which mice that are worth the most =)

Thank you for a superb blog!

Best regards // Kallamamran

Travis Vance said...

I've gone thru 5 stacks of 3 of Rumble cheese and haven't caught a single master, it's driving me nuts.

John said...

has any one caught one from using super brie? has any one tried?

also does Mika work iv heard bad things about its attration rate.

Sven said...

What is the best trap and base for catching this mouse??? I have Ambush and what base should I use?

T said...

I caught 2 with the mvmt and the dehydration base

Lord said...

I caught on my 1st try at pinnacle setup ambush and chocolate birthday cake i have golden shield..

armedbadger said...

i have spent months trying to get this damn mouse, must have gone trough 30+ pieces of Rumble (having to go back for more tokens everytime)... not even a nibble & thats with the recommended Ambush/Explosive/Rumble

Any Other Ideas People!????!

david said...

I caught 5 in a row yesterday and today. But after that I kept missing.
Ambush and gingerbread base

fieldsp20 said...

I am having the hardest time catching this mouse. I have tried the gingerbread base with the ambush and he eats it up every time. It's ridiculous!! Can I use Super Brie?

H.A.F.I said...

Just caught this with the 2nd cheese ^^ I didn't know that it's worth ALOT of gold . Ambush/Explosion/Rumble !

manjunath said...

I caught 3 mojos outta 6 rumbles and 1 dojo sensai outta 1omg :P

joel goh said...

Probably u will need some luck if you want to catch th e master of the dojo

Akshay said...

agree with joel,you need luck to catch mojo,mybe switch to aqua or Candycane base,youll catch it within no time

Akshay said...

I am currently on a Furoma run
I crafted 210 glutter,combat and Sushee,will be putting up the statistics soon.

Tham said...

Try ambush with bamboozler

Tim Chan said...

11:07 am - Pinnacle Chamber
I sounded the Hunter's Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught a 15 oz. Master of the Dojo Mouse worth 15,925 points and 27,300 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Onyx Stone


First cheese and i got it

Mus FaB said...

Just finished 60 Rumble-Run!

Traps: ZFM/MSB/Prospector + LGS


Caught: 23/60 Mojo (38.33%)

Golds gained = 627900g, golds loss = 13530g.

Points gained = 371785, Pts loss = 24087.
:NET PTS GAINED = +347698

So:: 23 Onyx -->> 23 Unstable curd -->> 14glut, 14sush, 14combat, 15rumble, 150brie, 20moon, 20gnarled, 80rb, 100omg


This time, only 2/15 Mojo caught..

Anyway, this is my stats on hunting Mojo. It is quite hard even using ZFM/MSB/prospector + LGS.

::Please get ZFM or equal traps to catch Mojo, unless, you like to fill your journal with red boxes.. =D

Happy hunting dear Mousehunter!!

peter pan said...

I caught mine on my first try.

Trap setup - Rewers Riposte + Runic base + ultimate power charm.

The total amount of power i got was 8,085 , Luck 30 , Attraction bonus 15%.

peter pan said...

I caught mine today, on my first try! :)

Trap setup - Rewers Riposte + Runic base + ultimate power charm.

The total amount of power i got was 8,085 , Luck 30 , Attraction bonus 15%.

Zhao Yi said...

Lol now waiting using jade with ambush with rumble and ultimate luck charm

banksy... said...

zhao yi

i feel sorry for the massive amount of red boxes you are about to see ^.^

Fitri Therock said...

If you're and expert you should use sphynx and gtb. If not, best to use horrific or ambush with most powerful base, and power charms. It should be and easy 50% catch rate.