Almost Knight

Something you don't get to see everyday..
99.99% Hero..
The Dust Knight cometh.. :)
AND I've caught just ONE Hydra.. With the Ship Blueprints...
I like this day.. don't you?
[ oh nice.. now at Knight 0.o1%.. look what came around]
I sounded the Hunter's Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 7 oz. Scavenger mouse from the Catacombs worth 3,369 points and 5,207 gold. 
The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 scrap metal, 1 Ancient Cheese Curd Potion.
My weapon was very effective against this mouse.
Just 3 more Scraps, and I'm good to sail!


Kathy said...

Just 3 more scraps for me, too!... and enough gold to buy the bubbleh. :-(

gabe said...

Congrats dude lol. I've been huntin' the Hydra with over 200 gnarled, no catches as of yet. Darn, i know. I'm sorta dreading the fact that I may need to spend 750k getting ship blueprints at the catacombs... which I actually only get tonight. I have a lot of money saving to do right now lol. *I have about 75 gnarled left, you can keep posted on my progress at if you really want. ;) Btw, I don't accept friend requests, I play mostly alone unless I know the other people in real life.*

Kathy said...

I've had no luck with the scrap metal at the catacombs -- but I have been making a lot of gold, which I also need, because I just barely have enough gold for the Bubbleh, so need more for cheese or any new traps.

On my stats -- I've got about 6.2 million points, and am 88% through Legendary, so I figure about 7 million points should get me there.