Salt Water Snapper Mouse

Salt Water Snapper Mouse Source of leather for the exquisite BrieBurry and Preda range of hunter pouches, straps and belts.. Decent bounty too..
The Salt Water Snapper mouse swims silently through the water waiting for the perfect moment to pounce upon a hunter's cheese. They may lack the multitude of teeth that their close cousins have, but they'll snap down with equal, if not greater, force when cheese is nearby.
My Catch I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 3 oz. Salt Water Snapper mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 1,978 points and 1,203 gold. Net/Dehy/Swiss, Partybot with few more misses..


Kathy said...

I've caught 2 of these, and I don't have Hydro traps yet -- just used Deathbot/dehy (or possibly polar)/Swiss or Brie. I can't look back at my stats because I've been at the Catacombs for a while to build up gold to get Hydro traps, so I'm going on memory from several days ago. It is possible to catch water mice w/o Hydro traps, but I wasn't getting much gold like that, and want to get Hydro traps so I can get more gold.

Jester Nim said...

I think you're on the right track.. swiss cheese is cheap anyway and it seems to attract most of the mice in the area.

Hope you get a hydro trap soon!