S.S Huntington II, Rodentia

Ahhhh... the salty breeze.. the swinging hammock.. the rocking *gulp* ship..
Finally, sailing on the SS Huntington II.. And I still have no clue what happened to the earlier ship.
But I guess I better visit the General Store on this boat to equip myself. I see lots of strange fish in the horizon..
I hope I brought enough gold.
[some catch logs for inspiration]
My last 1 day 12 hours of hunting:
S.S. Huntington II: 2 Leviathan, 8 Pinchy, 8 Dwarf, 5 Salt Water Snapper, 7 Briegull, 7 Buccaneer, 4 Siren, 1 Captain, 1 Mermaid, 7 Shipwrecked, 2 Pirate
Total catches: 52
Average weight: 4 oz.
Gold and Points:
55,194 gold gained, 2,662 gold lost
105,648 points gained, 4,159 points lost
52,532 net gold, 101,489 net points.
My last 1 day 15 hours of hunting:
S.S. Huntington II: 7 Pirate, 15 Briegull, 2 Nomad, 6 Salt Water Snapper, 3 Siren, 3 Buccaneer, 2 Pinchy, 2 Shipwrecked, 3 Dwarf, 1 Leviathan, 1 Squeaken
Total catches: 45
Average weight: 4 oz.
Gold and Points:
61,926 gold gained, 4,043 gold lost
72,848 points gained, 1,022 points lost
57,883 net gold, 71,826 net points.


Alisha said...

Jealous but congrats! I can't seem to get it. Only one nibble from a Hydra so far.

Jester Nim said...

I can only say that this makes up for allllll those days sitting at GGT for access to the Lagoon..

gabe said...

Amen, hydra makes up for it 100%. lol. (Two painful months those were) But now I need 1) money, and 2) scrap metal, so I'm off to the cats.

I had to actually buy the map for the cats too... *sighs* oh well. I liked my first two days. Got the candle on first keeper. Got 4 keepers, 6 scavengers and 4 scrap metals. Great overall first few hunts. But, alas, i need to get a mojo... So off to the dojo again. :P

MH said...
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Kathy said...

Ok, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of gold that it cost to craft the ship (assuming you get the blueprints dropped, which I did, but even more if you buy them for 750k), then over 6000 gold for traveling to the ship, then ~660k for a hydro trap + ~125k for the hydro base -- we're talking a serious chunk of change for the privilege of hunting seafaring mice!

We'll see how the hunting goes w/my Deathbot/deh/brie -- first hunt caught a dwarf mouse. So only 659500 more gold to go... :-( I'll keep ya posted on how it goes; but I might go back to the Cats for the money if I don't get much on the sea. The good news is it still doesn't cost anything to go back to the Town of Gnawnia, and just under 1000 gold to pop over to the Cats.

john von said...

I'm using the "Horrific Venus Mouse Trap." It works really well!!! So many catches almost all the time, and what helps me is my super brie!!!