Aqua Base

Aqua Base ( 230 Power )
The first scary things you meet at the Huntington II are not the mice - it's the prices of the traps and bases.
Compared to the Dehy and the Polar, the Aqua Base is a much luckier base. But if you're strapped for gold and already own the Dehy, there doesn't seem to be any statistics to prove that you need to shell out good money for it..
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: No Effect
Cost: 124,900 gold
Points Required: 1,140,000
Description: The clear blue water often causes mice to become distracted by their own reflection making an easier target for a trap. [18 june] Ok, I caved and bought the Aqua Base. I'm hoping the little extra luck bonus helps me get the Mermaid Mouse and the Shelder Mouse. Current configuration: PartyBot - Aqua Base Total Power: 3,542 Power Bonus: 15% Attraction Bonus: 15% Total Luck: 33 Cheese Effect: Stale


Jester Nim said...

Changed the picture of the Aqua Base.

Kryan said...

Buy the candy cane base if u can