Update Shout

Lots of updates to the MouseHuntGuide this weekend..
I *believe* I have everything about Rodentia's Huntington II posted down pat. From Blueprints to Traps to Mice.. ok ok .. for all you shouting for a walkthrough, lemme think how to make it different from all those already out there.
I've also tidied up the ABCs, mostly with regard to the newer materials about Rodentia and a few older links and materials. Yes, there are still quite a number of informational holes. Please drop me a comment to help me prioritise what's important for you!
The MHG Toolbar has also been revisited. I've now placed the ABCs on it. That's the Areas, Beasts, Cookbook etc.. I'm also thinking of removing the Recipes since MH now remembers it for you (after making at least one). You are still able to see the recipes via the Cookbook link. Tell me what you think.
Also new in my toolbar - MH Tales! The popular fan story on the forums, now in it's own blogspot. I've gotten the RSS feed setup from the toolbar, so you never need to hunt the forums again. AND I've added a new Games gadget there - WARNING! IT'S ADDICTIVE!
Hmm.. another day in the weekend.. Maybe I'd add some more stuff..


guido said...

Great games, but keep the recipies as they are. It's much easier as it is!! By the way, your guide is amazing!

Jester Nim said...

@guido - wow.. fast reply. Ok.. Then I'll add the missing recipes..

Kip said...
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Kip said...
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