Harpoon Gun Trap

Harpoon Gun ( 3,000 Hydro Power )

And now you're faced with yet another expensive choice. Unlike the Aqua Base, you have to choose between the Harpoon Gun and the Net Cannon.

Personally, I play on luck instead of power. So my money's on the other trap.

Power Type: Hydro
Power Bonus: 7%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: n/a
Cheese Effect: Stale
Cost: 664,000 gold
Points Required: 3,384,000

Description: Firing an oversized 200 pound spiked projectile makes for an extremely intimidating trap.
mhabbr : hg


gabe said...

I've decided in advance to chose this trap. I like luck and all, but bigger numbers in the power area just make my heart feel good. :) And, I know it'll hurt them more, even though it's not real, so it makes me feel better about it, lol!

-PrO- said...

where to buy>?

Aussiedukefan said...

I read that you can smash your net cannon and recraft it by itself to make the spear gun, is that true?

MH Fan said...

To Aussiedukefan: yeah
To -PrO-: aboard ss huntington II