The Other Mouse Hunt Guide

For those of you that have been following the action at the Mouse Hunt Forums, you'd know that a up-and-coming mouse hunt guide was taken down by the author.
I guess in any community, there will be a difference of views and no single view fits everyone's. It's a pity that sometimes things get out of hand and some things just get pushed over the cliff.
But hey, I see that I have received an anonymous comment (at the Huntington post) that Sean's Mousehunt Guide has been found and reposted by someone else. Please enjoy the content there.
The flavour of my Mousehunt Guide is one filled with relatively short posts of spoilers, tips and advice. And lots of cheesy talk..
Would you readers prefer more wordy walkthroughs too? Tell me on my comment link..
I'm making it harder to link to the repost of Sean's MH Guide Main Link because it's taken the other extreme in information sharing. I will however, give a deep link to the reposts.
Crash course MH Guide - Novice .. start your exploration here.
[Above links now removed at the request of the original author - 13July09]
Another guide worth watching is the MH Index, but I wonder why not just start a new website. Traffic baiting?
Otherwise, I'll take a stab at my own walkthrough (just a reserved name for now), but only if I can convince myself that it will add value above all the others out there. I've also got to re-work my very stale mousehuntguide toolbar.. Not to mention the dusty mousehuntmap... Gosh.. I'm really over-extending myself..


Mew said...

Hi Jester :)

I think your guide is perfect as it is. Well for me, wordy walkthroughs tend to confuse my brain. I prefer something that is simple, and of course, picture-rich (visually attractive!).

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Sean made it clear he didn't want people posting his guide somewhere, and that he was only ok with those who had it to use for private use. IE not sharing it with everyone. He took it down for a reason, it should be respected.

gabe said...

Hmmm... I like what you have here, don't take me wrong, but the choice of a wordy walkthrough, should you choose to create one, could be highly beneficial to some players. :)

Alisha said...

I like your guide, but I miss the posts of the earlier days with the walkthroughs etc.