Net Cannon Trap

Net Cannon ( 3,000 Hydro Power )

Yup, this is my trap of choice. Luck over Power boost. If any of you have catch stats to show that the Harpoon Gun is better, go on and plug a comment below.

Power Type: Hydro
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: 3%
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: Stale
Cost: 664,000 gold
Points Required: 3,384,000

Description: Using powerful pneumatics this cannon fires a high tension net at a incredible velocity making it capable of catching the quick mice that lurk in and around water. The net cannon is extremely loud, proper ear protection is recommended.
mhabbr : nc


gabe said...

Honestly? They're so closely matched that it doesn't make the slightest difference which you choose! :D Choose whichever your heart desires :D

John Paul said...

As regards luck, the Devs made this comment after the outcry caused by the Golden Shield (luck bonus) reward given to donaters.
Quote: Luck is the least important stat your trap has and only provides a very small occasional boost to help catch mice. Seven luck on average equates to about one less miss a day. Luck also boosts your ability to get loot in a very small way. Traps with around 20 luck will increase your odds by less than 2% for most items in the game.
For this reason I always go for Power% or attraction%.

Jester Nim said...

@John Paul - I hear you!

I'm not the empirical expert here, but I believe that at some power strength of certain traps, the other bonuses are rather inconsequential (high5s @gabe).

Those with the Ronza Boosts (Snob, PB and CDB) would have found the Whisker woods too small of a challenge.

I felt the AcroNym arc was fabulous - hard to build and you end up with an awesome killer trap. But this trap also made it a walkover at WW.

Haven't tried the Ronza Boosts at Huntington yet.. I wonder if it will be any good.

My "decision tree" is more along Attraction%, then Luck%, Power Type, Power%, with certain days of irrational trap, base and bait switching.. :)

Yes, I love the target board, but certain trap combis just tickle the mice, not snap them..

gabe said...

I actually just looked up the difference between the two. The net has about .5% better chance on the weaker mice there, and .5% chance less on the harder mice in the area. Of course, this is reversed in regards to the gun. The difference is so slim however, that it really only means you'll catch about 1 more hydra per 200 attractions. :P Like I said, go with whichever you want. :)