Shelder Mouse

Shelder Mouse Haven't caught mine yet.. :( Go ahead and post your catches and trap used..


nacho said...

Ignacio R. caught a Shelder mouse in MouseHunt!
Weight: 2 oz.
Location: S.S. Huntington II
Total Gold: 302 | Total Points: 2599

i´m catch with
Net Cannon - Aqua Base

* Total Power: 3,230
* Power Bonus: n/a
* Attraction Bonus: 3%
* Total Luck: 20
* Current Bait: 1,180 pieces of Brie
* Cheese Effect: Stale
Your lucky golden shield has added +7 to your luck!
Your shield expires in: 1 week 1 day

Anonymous said...

got with CDB/aqua/brie

Jester Nim said...

Hmm.. looks like luck is the common formula for catching shelders?

I wonder if snob/aqua is too weak..

khabarbagus said...

just like cook mouse, this little fella like SB+ ... lol

got mine using net/aqua/sb+

Alan said...

Kraben Chaos with magma base...
at the 147th successful hunts in SS Huntington II. =)

Jester Nim said...

wow! 147th! were they all SB+?
I eventually gotta do this.. AFTER I clear Dracano..

Wyr3d said...

Got mine very early. Only just got to SS Huntingdom really lol


Was about the 20th catch in the area.

David said...

I forgot when but just after when I crafted my ship and I got on my ship, farm for a day and caught a Shelder mouse.Iuse Ambush/Dehydration/swiss, yes SWISS.

Dobromir said...

i catch it with gouda on the 7th hunt

Dobromir said...

i catch it with gouda on the 7th hunt

Panni said...

Ancient spear gun/magma base/gouda cheese + lucky shield

Robob31 said...

I'm using the Heatbath with Molten Shrapnel base and the anchor charms with SB+ and after over 500 hunts still nothing! Thats 5566 power and 29 luck and no sightings

Anonymous said...

Caught it twice during two continious trap checks
Net Cannon/aqua/brie no golden shield