Trap Recipe - Ancient Spear Gun

1 x Launcher - smash your net cannon or harpoon gun with your crafting hammer
1 x Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints - Cape Clawed General Store
1 x Ancient Spear - collect from Elder mouse at Cape Clawed using Shell cheese
3600 power
Power Type: Hydro
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 12
Cheese Effect: Fresh
A launcher rigged to fire an ancient spear of the Elub tribe. The glowing spear possesses magical homing properties that make for an incredibly accurate shot.

This trap is currently the strongest Hydro trap in the MH world. Compare this to the Limited Edition Kraken Chaos, which is luckier but gives more stales.

mhabbr : asg


Patrick said...

12 million points needed, to construct/build

killerwolf said...

12m pts were needed!!! i broke my trap already!!!

Justin said...

What else is this trap needed for?