Trap Recipe - RhinoBot

1 x RhinoBot blueprints - buy at Cape Clawed General Store
1 x Rhino horn - collected from Aged mouse in Cape Clawed using Crunchy cheese
24 x Stale SB - collect from SB+ gone stale (a good way to get stale SB is to arm your ACRO with the explosive base and SB and sit in the Meditation Chamber ;)
1 x Drillbot parts - smash your Digby Drillbot with your crafting hammer
4750 power
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 6
Cheese Effect: Very Stale
Stale SUPER|brie+ has been found to be a harder substance than that of diamond, a property that the mighty RhinoBot puts to good use. Describing the power of this massive instrument of mouse destruction is simple: whatever it hits, it destroys.
Powerfullest physical trap in the mousehunt game so far.. :)
And I don't own one yet.. :(

Thanks Al, for the pix and the tip about the Partybot still being a better trap (I wonder if the 27Aug tweak by the developers have made it better?)

[Latest Rant]
Ooooo... the Chillbot is sweeeet.. Looks like I don't have to sweat over getting this one so soon.

mhabbr : rbot, rhino


Daisy said...

You know, I've actually heard of players claiming that the partybot is still better than the rhinobot and that the devs may tweak the rhinobot in the future so that the partybot isnt the ultimate trap or something.

Al D said...


I think I might agree. I have the Rhinobot now and pretty much depleted my gold supply to get it. I noticed much more red boxes and missed catches than with the partybot. Right now I've returned to the cats and FB to re-up my gold and points. If I could do it all over, I would not have gotten the Rhinobot. My advice (for now) is hold off.

Daisy Jia said...

Ah. Well I'm hoping that by now the rhinobot is a bit better than before. Oh how I regret missing that birthday event! Looks like partybot is still pretty much the ultimate trap. Thanks Al D for the warning.

Ivan said...

after reading the top 3 comments, i still don't whether to get the RhinoBot or not (This guy miserable with out a PartyBot)

Anonymous said...

Right now the Christmas Cracker Trap is better than the PartyBot, and hence it is a better weapon than the RhinoBot. Except that the Rhinobot has a pretty high power.