MousehuntGuide Toolbar Updates - Aug 09

Hey fans,
Tidied up the mousehuntguide toolbar just a little.

Added the Tribal Cheeses and the first three craftable traps there.
I've also included Sean D'Hoostelaere's new site for his Guide to Mousehunt - I really like his writing style.. Go check it out there..

And gamers of PackRat will notice that they can flip over to that customized toolbar by clicking on the (+) on the left of the Mousehuntguide toolbar. Yes yes, there's also a MythMongerGuide toolbar there which is still very much a work-in-progress stage (sorry about that)..

Do let me know if I can add anymore stuff to the toolbar to make it a faster way to the games and favorite areas.



Pat said...

What does Pack Rat have to do with hitgrab?

Jester Nim said...

Nothing.. i just like creating toolbars to help the gaming process..

msslfixr said...

Where do I go to post about a new mouse that is not listed on your blog? I awoke and found i had caught a giant snail mouse in the mousoleum.

Jester Nim said...

@msslfixr, Thanks for pointing it out.. I've realized that the FB Group for this mousehuntguide is waaaay under-utilized.

But let's change that right now!

Send your findings to this Facebook Group:

You may also use that Group place as the Add-me place for you fans of this guide.

I've also tweaked the MHG Toolbar so that clicking on the Blue MHG Toolbar name now brings you directly to this group!

Thanks for helping me keep this place updated and aware of all the new stuff happening!