Crafting Item - Ancient Spear

ITEM: Ancient Spear
LOCATION: Dropped by Elder mouse in Cape Clawed (use Shell cheese to attract)
COST: None
DESCRIPTION: This magical spear is carried by the eldest mice of the Elub tribe.
REASON: The Spear is one of the essential parts of forming the Ancient Spear Gun, the strongest Hydro Trap in Mousehunt so far.
2 Batches of Shell Cheese and still no Spear. Tell me about your own experience.
[20July] 4th batch now! Arrgh!!!!
[20July + 10 minutes] Yes! Finally got one !!


Alisha said...

I got mine in two batches and my second mouse catch; the first didn't drop it.

Ren said...

2 batches, caught it on my 16th piece.

LughRules! said...

I got mine on my 2nd or 3rd Shell from my first batch! XD

Laura Allred said...

i've done like 15 batches of Shell and have had no luck catching an elder. i am crying death and pestilence.

killerwolf said...

Wow thats sadding, i got mine on 5th cheese