Crafting Item - Rhino Horn

ITEM: Rhino Horn
LOCATION: Dropped by Aged mouse in Cape Clawed (use Crunchy cheese to attract)
COST: None
DESCRIPTION: Coveted by members of the Derr tribe, this incredibly sharp horn stands as a symbol of intimidation and strength.
REASON: The Horn is an essential ingredient for the RhinoBot, currently the strongest physical trap in Mousehunt.
Down one batch of Crunchy cheese. Currently catching and crafting another batch of 15. Tell me your catch experience..
Starting 3rd batch now.. *sigh*
Yes! Finally! Aged Mouse drops one Rhino Horn and 3 stale SB+..


Alisha said...

I got mine on the second batch of crunchy cheese; it took me forever to harvest the stones, so I don't know if it was just me. I had three steals, and then I caught him- complete with horn.

JohnW said...

So far I've used 39 crunchy cheese and had 1 catch, that dropped 2 pieces of stale SB+

I'm collecting my next 30 stones at the mo (14 more to get) for my 4th batch of crunchy...

Ren said...

2 batches for the rhino horn, got it on my 28th cheese.

JohnW said...
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JohnW said...

Phew, it took me 48 crunchies but i got there :)

I sounded the Hunter's Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 3 oz. Aged mouse from the Cape Clawed worth 6,908 points and 4,003 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Rhino Horn, 2 Stale SUPER|brie+s.

Billy said...

Also started with 2 batches.
I got mine on my 21st piece. I think I got lucky. But I didn't get stale SB+ along with the drop.

LughRules! said...

I haven't gotten it yet... Attracted the Aged Mouse once but didn't catch him...

Al D said...

Finally got mine today - roughly 90th piece of crunchy.


My first catch was the Aged mouse but he did not drop anything. After several misses I finally nabbed him + 3 pieces of stale SB+.

Good luck all!

amyx231 said...

ultimate luck charms... took 6 to get a single aged mouse, the rest were trailblazers. But even the regular luck charm seems to up catch rate(no more aged yet, though), at least - the power of 1 luck!

StanmoreManwhore said...

already got rhinobot, soo will be needing enraged rhinobot though.. three more horns 'sigh' :/ ah well, 453 delicious stones should do the trick :)

vachan said...

the best way to catch the aged mouse is to used rhino bot/djb/prospectors charm. i got 4 aged mice with 15 crunchy cheese..farming stale superbrie now :D

Nikki89 said...

First time returning;

11:53 pm - Cape Clawed
I sounded the Hunter's Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught an 3 oz. Aged Mouse worth 6,910 points and 4,000 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Rhino Horn and 4 Stale SUPER|brie+

Kiel said...