The Elub Tribe

The Mice of Elub Shore.
Also known as the Blue Tribe, they are susceptible to the Hydro Traps. No surprise that their garments are tinted blue. I think it's from all those seashells..

Attracted by the Shell Cheese only, dropping the Blue Pepper Seeds

Champion Elder Mouse
At Cape Clawed, Drops the Ancient Spear
Elub Chieftain
Drops the Ancient Frayed Blueprint
Attracted by the Gouda and Shell Cheese, these drop Shells
Alchemist Alnitak Mystic Pack Scout

Soothsayer Taleweaver Vanquisher

ok ok .. the large images for them a little later..


khabarbagus said...

so unlucky, catch Elub Chieftain before the Ancient Frayed Blubprint Released ...

now i have to catch this mean mouse again :(

Daisy Jia said...

Ouch. How long did it take you to catch it the first time?