Crafting Item - Thorned Vine

ITEM: Thorned Vine
LOCATION: Dropped by Grandfather mouse in Cape Clawed (use Gumbo cheese to attract)
COST: None
DESCRIPTION: These vines grow within the Jungle of Dread and are used by members of the Nerg tribe to build defensive structures. The roots seem to still be alive, eager to bond with another plant...
REASON: The Vine is an essential part of forming the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap.
Yay! Got it after 7 Gumbo cheeses. How about you?


khabarbagus said...

got it on my 6th batch of Gumbo :(

Anonymous said...

i got it after 3 hunts, but i have the ronza gs+magma setup with 39 luck!

guozhong said...

Got it with my first hunt with ambush and GB base!

Helene said...

Got mine after 2 hunts. GS, GBbase

ej said...

5:06 pm - Cape Clawed
I sounded the Hunter's Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught a 5 oz. Grandfather Mouse worth 8,640 points and 720 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Thorned Vine

I got it with my first hunt using high tension spring trap and stone base (just got lucky!)

DEANNA ♥ said...

First hunt w GBbase & Ambush ! :D