Crafting Item - RhinoBot Blueprints

ITEM: RhinoBot Blueprints
LOCATION: Cape Clawed
COST: 940,000 gold - refunds for 940,000 gold
These blueprints detail an elaborate method of combining a rhino horn and 24 stale SUPER|brie+ with DrillBot parts to make the mighty RhinoBot.
** Hunters require the knowledge learned by earning 16 million points to know how to assemble this mammoth trap.


magna200 said...

i cannot find the rhinobot blueprints in the general store at cape clawed. Anyone know where it is?

Jester Nim said...

Walk past the Salt bags and the Curds and Whey fridge section. They're just behind the Antique Lantern, below the rest of the other blueprints..