Elub Shore, Tribal Isles

Alright, you crossed easily over to the Elub Shore during low tide. Let's see if you can survive the hunts. Or at least run back to Cape Clawed before the tide comes back in. If you're finding the the Swiss and Brie are not working, you're right. Gouda is the minimum here and you'd stand to pick up more Seashells. Don't worry too much about the miss-rates; the mice here drop more gold. Hydro traps only. Upgrade to get the mice that drop the pepper seeds.
The shores of the great Tribal Island is where the Elub Tribe call home. The Elub utilize the resources of the ocean to build tools and shelter. Use of a Hydro trap is highly recommended while hunting for the Elub.

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Kiel said...

what's the best setup for this map?