Cheese Banking No Longer Works

For gamers of old that have used this exploit, the devs have revealed that this strategy does not work.
Re: Dave's comment about the cheese bank - if you put your gold into cheddar, and don't bait your trap with it, the mice can't nick it, can they? I've found the cheddar bank thing quite handy. You just make sure store cheddar which you never use in the higer level areas. Problem solved (ish).
This accomplishes nothing - If you have no gold they steal the cheese baited on your trap. This means they steal expensive cheese instead of your cheddar that you have banked. Keeping in mind that the number of pieces are rounded up based on how much gold they would of stolen it means they steal more gold worth of cheese than they would of actually stolen in gold. I'm a game developer and personally coded this part of the game - Trust me, you're worse off. Dave Vanderburg 18:18, 8 November 2008 (UTC)
So there's now NO REASON to do the cheese banking trick. Just let the mouse take what it wants.. Until you buy a stronger trap.. :)

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