MH2 Travel Planner

You've probably noticed that the fares for traveling from location to location within the Mouse Hunt game has now changed significantly. This has given rise to the possibility of finding a cheaper route to your destination. For example, if you need to get from the Town of Gnawnia to Dojo, the DIRECT route would cost you 5738 gold. However, if you take the SCENIC route, such as Town of Gnawnia -> Meadow -> Digby -> Bazaar -> Dojo Your cost is only 3725 gold! So how do you find the cheapest route? Thanks to Pooflinger, finding that is now a done deal! Check out the Travel Planner I've also made it a permanent link on the sidebar of this Mouse Hunt Guide. It is also accessible via the Mouse Hunt Toolbar, under the MH Guide droplist. Try out Pooflinger's other tools and make a donation if you like them!

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