Polled: The White Cheddar Comparison

Thanks for joining in the Poll. These were the results after 310 votes: Poll: In your experience, how does the White Cheddar compare? 177(57%) Pfft.. Feels like normal Cheddar, no improvement. 92 (29%) Strength of Marble, but lower catch frequency. 20 ( 6%) Strength better than Marble, total catch value about the same. 21 ( 6%) Strength like Swiss, but lower catch frequency. So what's the conclusion? If you purchased the crafting items at the Harbour, it'd cost you 10 gold per White Cheddar. So that's the same price as a normal Cheddar. You'd miss out attracting the more common mice with these, but you'd have about the same chance of catching whatever the Marble can.. So this becomes a ROI comparison of time vs value of catch. My take? If you're an Apprentice and hunting at the Harbour, are really in a pinch for gold and can't afford the 900 gold trip back to the harbour after reloading on cheese, the White Cheddar's a very viable option. However, once you've leveled up to Journeyman and started hunting in the mountains, you'd be on Swiss and probably will never need to look back on this option. Happy Hunting!

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