Merry Christmas to all Mouse Hunters!!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, fellow hunters.. Don't forget that you still have a bunch of presents under the Christmas Tree.. Of course, for us addicts that are already shoving and pushing our way to unwrap the gifts, we are experiencing a slight overload to MH application servers and are seeing some error pages. Go get some ale or eggnog, and come back a little later.. Some of the regular goodies include Super Brie (green gifts), normal brie, hunters research, potions of all sorts and some new stuff.. New stuff? That's the Polar Base (that some of you spotted the devs testing) and a lump of coal (hmm.. maybe something for the New Year's Giveaway 2009).. The Polar base will be sold regularly soon, for those of us who didn't get it tonight. That's all for now.. back to the party.. Remember. Don't drink and load your traps.


SHIMURE said...

Polar base is an awesome present.

I like it very much and it has a luck rating of 5. add that to the SNOW BARRAGE trap and it makes an AWESOME combination. (Looks good too very holiday spirit)

I have tried this combination in the mouseluem and have even caught some shadow mice such as mummy, vampire and ghost due to the high luck rating.

Jester Nim said...

Arrgh.. u'r killing me here.. You do know I didn't get a Polar present right?


But good on ya!