Munching Christmas Savories

First Bunuelos Did you get good presents from the Elf and Abominable Snow mouse? I did get a lump of coal, lots of goodies but no Polar Base. It does look good, but the reception at the MH discussion boards appear, well, cold and icy.. But no matter, it should be on regular sale soon, so you can test it out for yourself later. Second Bunuelos Guess it's no ho-ho matter for those of you that missed out on Ronza's Snob either. We now know that she stays only for about 2-4 days, and leaves with no fanfare - probably to escape the tax-man after making much sales. Moral of the story? Start saving now. Probably the hardest advise to those below Grandmaster levels, but you folks need to hear this. Have a stash of gold (or yes, a cheese bank) somewhere that you will not use for bait. Don't convert all your gold to cheese due to the mouse-steal effect. But start stashing Cheddars aside so that you are not tempted to overspend on marble and swiss. You don't really need the strength of Brie until you reach the Lab. Use the Travel Planner aggressively. It's crazy the amount you save when you follow the cheapest routes. Don't buy all similar grade traps. If you already have the High Tension Spring, you do not need to buy the Glue Trap. Stick with it and save for the next grade. Set a far goal. Say that you're saving up for the Bottomless Grave. I actually still can't own it, but along the way, this helped me get quite a number of good things along the way. Join MH Support groups. The MH community is huge, and many senior players like to help the newer ones out. And they do it via mentor schemes, games and quizzes and loads of other fun ways. The Toolbar lists the major support groups (above 500 members) out there, but if you spend some time on the discussion boards, you might be able to find a smaller niche group that you could warm up to. Third Bunuelos Don't beg. Never beg. And if you do beg, don't get abusive. There are FB games that probably encourage abusive begging. Mousehunt ISN'T one of them. Fourth Bunuelos (pants getting tight) For those of us at the Pagoda (Furoma), remember that you only need the make the Master Seal once! And that's for the Ambush Trap. Using the Master Seal to make Rumble Cheese only gets you ONE piece. Alrightly then, until next time.. Feliz Navidad, J

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