Musing Over Coffee

First Cuppa I wonder why Ronza left us so suddenly with such a short notice yesterday. Maybe she was rushing to get out before the next snow storm hit. At least she dropped off all unsuspecting hunters at the Town of Gnawnia.. Sorry to hear about all those that missed out on buying the Snob. Second Cuppa Mmmm.. the Dehydration Base keeps cheese really fresh.. Would be a good combi for those that had bought the Deathbot (Chrome) when Ronza was previously around. Has anyone tried that yet? Hmm.. but salt and metal... Rust bucket ahead... [waves to waiter] Third Cuppa The Mousehunt Tracker looks neat.. Looks like it has lotsa potential as a community tool. Came across this when I was boasting about my presents for Christmas.. Looks like Patch/Peter will have some creative competition in the near future. Fourth Cuppa Wow. Just realised that the Find Entries Searchbox on this Guide is rather strong. It's not the full-fledged Google/Google Custom Search, but it will find every word (or keyword) on the guide. But it matches on the full word (or words, but not phrase) itself, so something like "Ronza" brings back different results from "Ronza's". Check it out now.. Fifth Cuppa (with a dash of whiskey) I've done most of the internal linking for the new items in MH 2.0 already. Still have a couple of mouse pictures to post. Still wondering how to balance the count of posts so that the Cheese Larder on the right looks more helpful. May have to start tweaking code.. bleah.. Any suggestions on how this Guide can be made better for you, do drop me a comment.. Cheers, Jester

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Black Jeopardy said...

ACTUALLY salt will prevent metal from rusting. What makes it rust is the moisture!

The dehydration base is going to be awesome on the chrome bot, and you know it.

...wish i had one :(

Merry christmas from!