My Christmas Tree's Getting Crowded

Magically Wrapped Gift ( x3 ) These gifts are specially prepared in Santa's workshop and have a magic glow about them. There is sure to be something special inside! Gift ( x9 ) In their mad dash to escape hunters, the thieving elf mice dropped a large quantity of these red gifts across the Gnawnia Mountains. The dropped gifts were quickly picked up by other mice, further spreading them across the Kingdom! Caught 1 Elf and 3 ASMs at the Lab, 3 Elves at the Dojo. Will update as necessary.. :) Feel free to leave comments about your own progress..


Blogaso Terapeutico said...

I have 2 Special gifts and 9 of the others! I've got all in the lab, using Brie with Swiss trap and explosive base.

DvE said...

I have 2 Magical Gifts and 11 Non; All acquired at the Lab with a forcefield trap, stone base, swiss cheese.

Brittany said...

2 green gifts, 7 red from the training grounds, SnoB/Deh/Swiss

Mike Dalgarno said...

I want to catch an elf ;o(

I have got 4 red gifts. Still trying for my first green.

Fingers crossed.

SHIMURE said...

I got 2 magical and 5 non.... all in the mountains.

Using marble / swiss with forcefield and explosive base

Jester Nim said...

I would love to see someone hitting the max 3 greens and 30 red boxes posting here too!

And I hope that's me!!

Stephen said...

I've got 3 magical and 12 non. All from the lab, using Brie, Snowman, explosive base. So, I'm at limit with the green. Yay!

aris said...

2 Magic, 4 Non
Dehydration Base
Various Locations

Wenwen said...

Magically Wrapped Gift ( x3 )
Gift ( x11 )
* Base : Explosive Base
* Weapon: Snow Barrage
* Cheese: Swiss
location: Mountain
caught 4 abominable snow mouse and 4 elf mouse.

My 4th elf mouse didn't drop any magically wrapped gift, so it means max out lolx.

I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 4 oz. Elf mouse from the Mountain worth 897 points and 754 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
2 gifts.

Jester Nim said...

Just got another Elf, so am maxed on the Greens

Huadian Zhang said...

Can you guys report your catches to the MouseHunt Tracker service at ? That way people will know where to get these mice.

nomad said...

i got 3x Green gifts and 28x Red give
from training grounds
SnoB with dehydration base n brie...
total 5 elves...20 ASMs

Jester Nim said...

Wow! I'm totally envious.. (and moving to the TG)

Jester Nim said...

Another elf at the Dojo!

Wenwen said...

only got 29 red ones x_x can't reach the max but it's good enough :D
now unwrap the gifts! weee~