Poll: White Cheddar

Haven't done a poll in a while. Gives me a chance to test the Poll display of this new Guide template. This one's mainly for the ranks of Journeyman and below, or for those that have challenges buying Swiss or Brie on a regular basis. Does the White Cheddar work well for you? Where would you peg it in terms of effectiveness? Please use the voting buttons above. Let me know as comments here, if more voting options are required.


Petero said...

Strength is not a term for cheese. It is for trap power.

Cheese can only attract, not catch.. so assessing cheese on total catches or catch rates is not relevant.

Can you read Mousehunt Analytics please?

- Pooflinger

Jester Nim said...

Would you believe... "Strength of Attraction"? (watching too many Get Smart reruns)

:) ok ok.. Just realised that I can't amend the poll once someone votes.

So voters, please read "catch frequency" as "attraction frequency"