Crafting Item - Lump of Coal

An unusual gift given at Christmas by the ASM.. Some say it's a traditional practise.. Other's say it's a down-payment for the diamond some day.. Anyway, it sits in the Crafting menu. My wild guess is that it'll come into play when the Salt mines open, being an ingredient of some coal-cheese that attracts a mutated diamond mouse. This mouse would drop shards of diamond which you can make a valentine's day gift.. :) [We find out the use for this, the week before Valentine's. It's an ingredient for the crafting of the Obelisk of Incineration Trap. Now dropped by the Scavenger Mouse. Would be fun if it were crapped by the Diamond mouse]


Markee said...

where do I get Coal?

Eric said...

Drop from the Big Bad Burroughs Mouse, Keeper Mouse, or Scavenger Mouse.