DeathBot (Chrome Edition) Limited

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe is currently moored at the Town of Gnawnia and has the following in stock for a limited time only.

DeathBot (Chrome Edition) ( 2800 power )
Cost: 512,800 gold
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 20%
Accuracy Bonus: 15%
Luck: 30
Cheese Effect: Very Negative
This limited edition version of the classic DeathBot features shiny chrome-plated panels, with a lot o' bling. The motors have been tweaked a little to bring more power to the chain gun and saw blade, the laser power has been increased by 5 kilowatts, and the missile guidance system has been improved using the newest in mouse-seeking technology.

mhabbr : cdb, chromebot


Vigz0r said...

here's a pic. [Credits: Justin Gura]

Anonymous said...

Would you mind putting up the standard deathbot to compare? I haven't seen one myself as I have the NVMRC ForceField