Begging for gold

Begging is typically frowned on in Mouse Hunt. New players will find that the general Mouse Hunt community is friendly and eager to help. But not beggars. There are many avenues to earn an extra piece of gold or a slice of super brie+. You can:
  1. Join a group (e.g. NVMRC, Mouse Hunt Guild, Adopt a Novice/Apprentice)
  2. Participate in contests
  3. Start something fun (then ask for gold - technically begging, but definitely less frowned on)
And when you have made it past your hump, help a new novice.


allicat1 said...

there is also the nbdl(newbie begging and dutarant league)they help out alot of new players...10 hunt helpers strong and the admin of corse...were always around to answer questions and hold alot of contests:))

Jester Nim said...

Great stuff! I've already got NBDL linked from the mousehuntguide toolbar..

If anyone knows of any 500+ member group that I've missed, do let me know..