Cheese Bank

Jester Nim wrote on Jul 24, 2008 at 11:00 PM
Just crossed over the apprentice bar yesterday and hurried over to the Harbour armed with a treb/stone with lotsa cheese of every type. Boy, was I pillaged by fierce mice.. 30 swiss were stolen (excl eaten and stale) within my first 3 hours!
Tip Title : Banking Facility for your Gold One of the tough things ex-novices learn at the harbour is that mice can steal anything from you. But not everything! Yes, they can steal your score and your gold and your cheese. But NOT ALL your cheese. Only the cheese type that you have baited. That means if you have baited marble cheese and a burglar/pirate mouse comes happily along, it can only take the extra cheese from this type. The other cheese types are untouched. How does this help you? When you are stocking up cheese in Gnawnia, you're probably going to buy a sizeable quantity of every type because the bus fare to the harbour is 1000 gold. I won't comment yet on the quantity to buy because I'm still testing some numbers. However, you're probably going to realize that cheddar is pretty useless as bait for the harbour. You will therefore USE CHEDDAR as your ZERO-TAX BANKING FACILITY. Yes folks, buy what you need of all other types of cheese to enable hunting action. The remaining of your gold pieces, buy cheddar. Leave only enough for your bus fare (1000 gold). You are now READY to go to the harbour. If the mice really do clean you out of cheese and earned gold, you can still return to town free and refund your bank of cheddar. NEVER BAIT YOUR BANK (cheddar) ! Cheers,


Anonymous said...

That 'cheese bank' is a great idea, however, when you are saving up over 200,000 gold, it's a little hard to buy all that in Cheddar lol.

Jester Nim said...

Is there a limit by the game? I'm currently saving up for a deathbot/forcefield.. i'm hording over 10,000 cheddars now with no problems..

Paul said...

Interestingly enough, I've been using marble cheese as my bait in the harbour and am using the cheddar cheese as my bank. Anyhow, I had a pirate mouse come along and steal some swiss cheese from me, even though it was unbaited. No problems with the cheddar yet, though.