Walkthroughs #4

Townsend Duong (Stanford) wrote on Jun 26, 2008 at 11:52 PM Some new concepts that have come out since this walk-through was originally written. Restrictions on travel: Due to the dangers of mice in certain areas beyond the city walls, the King has decided to restrict travel in such a way that hunters must reach certain experience level requirements to go to some locations. Currently, all hunters may travel to the Meadow or the Town of Gnawnia without restriction. Only hunters who have reached at least the status of Apprentice may travel to the Harbour. Hunters must be at least Journeyman rank to travel to the Mountain. Only hunters with the title of Master or above may travel to the Burroughs Laboratory. The requirements are listed on the map screen with the color-coded shield. Maps, Burroughs Region, Laboratory Location: The game has introduced the possibility of finding map pieces as dropped loot from caught mice. These map pieces may reveal new locations in the MouseHunt world, and they might be relatively rare. It is possible to obtain more than one of the same map piece. Although there is currently no use for the extra pieces, it is believed that hunters will soon be able to transfer these maps to other hunters, opening up the possibility of selling extra map pieces. Currently, the only known new map piece is the map to the Burroughs Laboratory. The Burroughs is a new "region" in MouseHunt, and the Laboratory is for now the only "location" where hunters can travel and hunt within the Burroughs. The Burroughs region and the Laboratory location will not appear on your map until you find the map piece. To obtain the Burroughs Laboratory map piece, hunters must reach Journeyman rank, travel to the Mountain, catch a Ninja mouse in the Mountain, and receive the map piece from the Ninja mouse. Not all Ninja mice in the Mountain drop the map piece, and only Ninja mice in the Mountain will drop the map piece. Potions: The game has introduced the possibility to use potions to modify your cheese. This is described in the How To Play manual. Potions might be found from mice as loot. They will appear on the Inventory screen under the Potions tab, and the description and instructions will be shown there. To use a potion, select the option in your Inventory screen and confirm the action. Currently, there are 2 known potions, and they are both found in the Burroughs Laboratory and are received by catching mice who might drop the potions as loot. The Brie alchemy potion converts Cheddar, Marble, or Swiss cheese into Brie cheese. The Radioactive blue cheese curd potion converts Brie cheese or SUPER|brie+ into Radioactive blue cheese. The costs and quantities depend on the cheese used for the conversion. Lab Research: Some mice will drop Lab Research as loot when you catch them. The Lab Research is worth points, which are added to your score. There is currently no other known use for the Lab Research.


Anonymous said...

I got a brie potion in the moutains. Only one, though! I can't tell you which mouse dropped it because it was days ago and it is no longer in my log. I was using the swiss/exp/swiss set up and this was dropped after I had already gotten my map piece. I can tell you that it wasn't a ninja, though.

Brie Alchemy Potion ( 1 potion )
use: 1 Potion 5 Potions 10 Potions All Potions
50/pc One potion converts 20 Swiss to 20 Brie.
100/pc One potion converts 15 Marble to 15 Brie.
150/pc One potion converts 10 Cheddar to 10 Brie.

mattia said...

I had it too, a bionic mouse dropped it :)

Damian said...

me too... My potion was dropped by a bionic mouse. For the first and last time...