Cheese to Use in the Mousoleum

Radioactive brie is the most effective cheese for luring mice in the Mousoleum. To make radioactive brie, you need to get dropped potions from the mice in the Lab. Conversion: One potion converts 30 Super Brie to 30 Radioactive Blue, no cost One potion converts 5 Brie to 5 Radioactive Blue, but costs 300 gold per piece of cheese, so for one potion, 1500g [thanks Joanna] Normal Brie can be used but with poorer results.


my said...

I don't think this is the right place to submit a question, but I couldn't find the right spot.
I'm almost 2/3 the way to apprentice, and I have enough points (37K) and gold (50K) to buy an explosive base, but am wondering if I should instead save up to buy the swiss army first?
Thanks for your help!

Jester Nim said...

just wrote this, hope it helps you.

Thunderlun said...

Hi, You might want to leave a note in your post that conversion rates differ for all ranking. I'm Legendary now and conversion rate is as follows:

Radioactive blue cheese curd potion: 1 potion convert 40 SB to 40 RB
7 Brie to 7 RB @ 300/pc

Greater radioactive blue cheese curd potion: 1 potion convert 56 SB to RB
21 Brie to 21 RB @ 300/pc

Jester Nim said...

Yup! Got that here already..
But hmm.. the gold price is different.

a.suroyo said...

I'd like to ask a question:
If radioactive blue can be sold, how much can it be sold for?
Cheers! :)