Jester's Cheese Sweet Spot Strategy

I think I've found the sweet spot for the number of cheese of each type I should be bringing into the tough-mice areas. Tough mice areas are where mice can steal your cheese/gold/score when they raid your trap. These are areas accessible to hunters above the Novice class. Sweet spot for cheese? This means the amount of cheese that you as the hunter carries into that area and experience the minimal frequency of cheese theft in your hunt duration there. Note I said cheese theft. You will still experience score-theft, but the King's rewards frequently puts this back. You will still experience gold-theft, but lesser when you go in broke. Broke? Read my Cheese-Bank Tag. Your gold-theft usually increases as you gain success catching mice as your pot increases. If you go into the area (e.g. mountain) broke, your first 20-40k of gold is almost untouched. It starts getting bad closer to 60k, but by then, you would be close to returning to the town to reload your cheese. Back to the sweet spot. I've arrived to these numbers by trying out 50/80/100/150 pieces of cheese for each type and the number so far works for me (note the caveats) at the harbour, the mountain and the Lab. I'm still new to the Mousoleum, but I suspect that the numbers are about the same. Without being too mathematical, I've factored in the stolen rate of the cheese and the gold, and the travel fare for the area. I've found that these cheese sweet spot numbers hold well for me. Brie : 90 Swiss : 80 Marble : 80 Cheddar : used as bank I've not reached the point where I own a Drillbot yet, but I suspect that having a stronger mousetrap in a relatively weaker area (like harbour) will benefit your cheese-theft ratio.