Walkthroughs #1

Demi Demdem (New Zealand) wrote on May 6, 2008 at 9:19 PM After realising I had just typed the same thing about 4 times in a row.. here goes... from my limited experience.. Starting off: 1) buy a base - try wooden 2) but a trap - i recommend the tacky glue for accuracy 3) buy some cheese - i recommend starting with marble Catching mice: From here, you will receive 1 trap check per hour, and every 15 minutes the (horn) pops up at the top of your screen and you can sound it. Friends: 1) You or anyone in your hunting party (your hunting party are your friends who have the application and are hunting in the same location eg, town, meadow harbour or the mountains) can sound the hunters horn. 2) Whoever sounds the horn receives bonus points for every friend who is online at the time and hunting in that location. Catching mice2: 1) Because, try as we might, we can not be at the computer 24/7, add friends from the mousehunt application and increase your hunting circle. 2) Leave the application open when you are afk from the keyboard but make sure you stock up on plenty of cheese first - with up to 5 catches per hour you can run out pretty fast - but also make a lot of gold and points. Accuracy vs Power vs Luck 1) Accuracy is the chance to attract a mouse to your trap 2) Your Power vs Mouse power in (I think) a random roll based on probability, determines who wins 3) Luck gives you a small chance to catch a mouse regardless of its type. Trap/base upgrades: 1) You should be able to get a new trap and/or base upgrade every 24 hours until you end up with the treb/stone base (or rocket/stone if you prefer). 2) Always keep your cheese stocked up. 3) With the treb/stone plus at least 80 or so swiss cheese you can head to the harbour. With this set up you will yield about 20k per day so your swiss army trap will not be far away. Some people prefer the explosive base first, that is fine too. 4) Once you have the swiss/explosive set up, head to the mountains with lots of cheese - at least swiss by this point, perhaps even some super brie for a 40-55k per day gold return to save for your death bot. Super brie: you can obtain super brie one of two ways 1) donating real money to the developers 2) buying it from other players Super Brie has a 99.9% accuracy (chance to attract a mouse to your trap), however you still need the power (trap/base) to catch the mouse. The advantage of Super brie is that in places with more vicious mice, they can not steal it in bulk (nasty mice can steal not only the 1 piece of cheese but up to about another 7 too). I'm still a novice!!: And you will be until your points get to 67000. that is the hard cap upgrade. Tariff: If you are buying super brie, you need to be aware that you *should* have more points than the person you are buying from. If you have less points, you will be charges up to a 50% tariff so the person you are buying from ends up with less cash :/ Begging: 1) Don't do it, we don't like it and it is a real pain. If you really need some money/brie, talk to your friends, most people like helping each other out. 2) Alternatively, please find a creative way of asking/earning the money, people appreciate that. 3) Watch the forums for give aways and hand outs. ****Note: How you personally choose to go about things is obviously up to you, these are ideas and suggestions and if you have queries please feel free to ask on the forums or send me a message.****

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