Group Hunting or Hunting Party

Alexander Emmanouilidis (Greece) wrote on Jun 18, 2008 at 4:29 AM I have some questions about group hunting. 1) Its said that hunting in groups gives you better results. Thas is only when you are on-linwe? Your friends can not use your turns when you are away? 2) You only hunt in groups when you are online and you are ready to hunt? I mean if I am ready to hunt and someone of my gorup sounds the horn I hunt with him and loose my turn with better results or even if I am not ready to hunt and one of my group sounds the horn I hunt with him? 3) Is it better to wait for all your group to get ready to hunt or as soon as you get the horn you should hunt? 4)Does it make a difrence if I am the one that sounds the horn or someone else coserning the results I will have? Please feel free to add any other advice you think I may find usefull! Terence Wong (University of Toronto) replied to Alexander's post on Jun 18, 2008 at 7:07 AM Hi Alexander, I`ve only been trying the group hunting thing for about one or two weeks , and I find you can catch alot more mice. I`ll provide a brief intro to what I understand about it, and then try to answer your questions and add any of my experiences if they haven`t been covered. 1. When you hunt in groups with the hunters horn, you will only benefit from your group members horning if you have been active within the last 60 minutes. So yes, you will only get better results if you are ``online`` (i.e. active within the last 60 min). 2. In addition to the hourly check; you can get an extra turn every 15 minutes to blow the horn. However, you can only blow the horn if ``are ready`` (at least 15 minutes since your last hunter`s horn hunt) and you will only join someone else`s hunt if you ``are ready``. So, if you are ready and someone blows the horn, it`s that that you don`t lose your turn; basically, you and your groupmate took your turn together. 3. You don`t really need to wait for all your group to be ready because many people have many multiple friends that can blow the horn for them. If you wait for some people, then other members will probably placed into the ``waiting to hunt`` status after one of their other friend have blown the horn. 4. I don`t know if there`s any difference between who blows the horn. Right now, I have about 140 friends in my group that are spread out throughout the various locations. Although, you won`t be joining people`s hunt in other locations, you can still get alot of extra points (if that`s what you`re looking for) if you have friends in other places. As long as they are ``ready to hunt`` you`ll get an extra 10 points. When I press the horn, I range from 65-185 points with an average of about 105 I would say. Of course, it`s great to have people in the same location because you can help your friends initiate the hunt, and when you`re too busy to check back for your hunter`s horn or going afk soon, you know you`ll get a couple extra hunts by joining in on your friend`s hunter`s horn. Good luck and happy hunting! Garry John Riechert (Australia) replied to Alexander's post on Jun 18, 2008 at 7:56 AM Two pennies worth. A/ Group hunting should garantee more hunts - nothing else. More hunts gives you greater chance of catching more mice - whether you catch is only dependent on your trap power and your cheese and where you hunt and your luck. Any other results in relation to other factors, would seem to perceived rather than real. B/ When you log on, be sure you blow the horn straight away; if you have a good hunting group this may be the only hornblow you get points on until you are offline for another hour. C/ Because of the staggered nature of when people go on and offline there is no point in waiting for more hunters - in this time theyll beat you to the horn anyways. D/Sounding the horn and being online are key elements of moving up rank, so its in your interest to try to sound the horn. E/The bigger the group the better chance of a larger number of hunts - but remember your huntbuddies must be in the same location as you. You can always use your buddies for other fb apps. The maximum number of hunts is 120 in 24 hours, good obsessive hunters with good groups get 80+ hunts in a day. good hunting ~^..^


Sara S said...

Hunting advice for newbies - advantages of adding friends.

Adding friends who are in the same area as you (town, Meadow, Mountains, etc) is valuable because when someone in your group sounds the horn you will be included in the hunt for up to an hour after you were last active (4 hunts). When you sound the horn, you also get points for every online friend hunting in the same area as you whose status is 'ready to hunt'.

If you add someone as a friend you can trade with them through the message boards here (ie buy SB+ from them) and can give or receive SB+ and gold. You can only trade gold and SuperBrie (SB+) with your friends... but you can buy some of the higher items at the marketplace, like Burroughs map pieces (which gives access to the more advanced region), keys to Digby (in the Burroughs), and SB+. The only other way to get these items, and others, is to hunt until you gain them from a mouse who drops them. This doesn't apply to SB+, which you can get by donating to MouseHunt.

death awaits said...

My friend invited me to join their hunting party. how do i accept or decline it?