Traps' Cheese Effect

Townsend Duong (Stanford) on May 12, 2008 at 7:56 AM I noticed the questions about cheese effect are coming up a lot lately, so I'm adding that info here. Thanks to Fuqi and Giorgio for answering this recently. I can't say much original about this, so you deserve credit. Each turn that your trap does not attract a mouse, there is a chance that the cheese will go stale and be useless for catching mice. There will be a message telling you that the cheese is either fresh enough to keep using, or that your cheese went stale and you needed to throw it away and replace it. Your trap changes the odds of cheese going stale by its "Cheese Effect". Positive cheese effect helps you by decreasing the chances of staleness. Negative cheese effect hurts you by increasing it. The best cheese effect you can have is "Extremely Positive" with Mary/Wood, Treb/Wood, or Treb/Stone. The worst cheese effect you can have is "Extremely Negative" with Rocketine/Explosive. Since cheese can only go stale if your trap fails to attract mice, you can compensate for a negative cheese effect by using better cheese. If your trap has an accuracy bonus, that helps to attract mice and so also helps compensate for negative cheese effect. If you bait your trap with SuperBrie+, you will almost always attract a mouse, so cheese effect is virtually irrelevant. Fuqi Koh (Singapore) on May 12, 2008 at 12:06 PM Something extra that I remember being asked: Catching mice is entirely dependent on your trap power, and has nothing to do with prior catches of any mice type. You do not gain experience each time you catch a mouse. Therefore more power = better chances of catching mice. Additionally: Attracting a mouse and catching a mouse are 2 different steps. Your chances of attracting a mouse to your trap depends on your cheese and additional accuracy % given by your trap setup.

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