Trap Upgrades #3

Townsend Duong (Stanford) replied to Nafees's post on Jun 7, 2008 at 4:50 PM This walk-through was written by Demi based on her experience going through the early parts of the game. However, she blazed through those early parts of the game because she's the Voodoo priestess of trap curse removal. Other hunters may not have such good luck. More importantly, there have been several updates to the game since that time, the most significant being the restrictions on travel and the addition of the Burglar mouse. The Harbour is more dangerous now than it was back then, and I get the impression that the Pirate mice that made it so worthwhile have been harder to find/catch lately. To answer your questions, Q. Should I keep using Explosive base or Stone base with Trebuchet??? Explosive base. You paid a lot for it, and it gives you a good boost. With the Trebuchet, you can afford to take a slight hit in the cheese effect. Q. What Cheese should i use with those combinations in Town??? Swiss with both combinations Q. Should I dare to travel back to Harbor now or should i wait for upgrade? Stay in Town. I think your trap is strong enough to go to the Harbour, but you will take a lot of beatings before coming out ahead. Might as well play it safe in the Town until you get the Swiss Army trap. Good hunting! :-)

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