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Paul Pigozzo (London, ON) wrote on Jun 7, 2008 at 10:07 AM I have said to be an advocate of safety on the net (my wife calls me paranoid but whatever) But I thought I would just suggest something to everyone who has been doing the add lists. Facebook offers the way to block whole groups of people through the Privacy>>Account profile option (top right of the facebook page ( my suggestion is make a group called mouse hunt (or for any application) and then go through and use the customize option from the drop down box and block that group from viewing the details of your profile....not that I don't trust everyone on here, I just don't want you looking at my info. (please BUMP this if you think i am right in my suggestion) Happy Hunting!
my suggestion) Happy Hunting! Renata Baptista (UMiami) replied to Rebekah's post on Jun 8, 2008 at 12:32 PM On your friends page (click above where it says "Friends") go to "Make a New List" on the right hand side. Add everyone who is from Mousehunt or that you do not want to view your profile, name this this list something you will remember i.e. "Mousehunt". Then click the link that Paul has provided. On this page where each of the drop down menus are (Basic Info, Personal Info, etc.) click "Customize". Where it says "Except these people" type in "Mousehunt" or whatever you named your list. Then simply click okay and repeat for all the information you want hidden (including "Contact Information") ** Note this feature does not work for the drop down menu "Profile".** Ta da all done! Kristine Pamplin (Australia) replied to Renata's post on Jun 10, 2008 at 4:56 AM I have different lists for different games I play, besides my "real life" friends. As I add friends on here, I put them into their category. I have: Mouse Hunt Mob Wars Knight Hood Mafia Wars Dope Wars On the privacy page, I have "Only Friends" clicked for all items displayed. The problem with what you have described to do on here, is that IF you click on "Except" (say Mouse hunt group) it means only friends can see this EXCEPT mouse hunt, which to me, means that the mouse hunt group CAN see it? This is what is says when you hit customise: Who Can See This? Friends Friends of Friends My friends and their friends can see this. Only Friends - Only friends can see this. - THIS IS WHAT I HAVE Networks All Networks can see this. All of My Networks Some of My Networks... None of My Networks - THIS IS WHAT I HAVE Australia Except These People

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