Walkthroughs #2

Demi Demdem (New Zealand) on May 9, 2008 at 7:17 PM Hunting parties Having more people in your hunting party helps in two ways.. 1) If you sound the horn, you get more points for everyone of your friends that is hunting in that area who is online at the time 2) If you leave the application open when you are afk, then they can sound the horn on your behalf, increasing the number of potential traps per hour from the standard 1, to the potential of 5 (1 trap check and 4 sounding of the horn). If you decide to sleep - and clearly you are not a real addict if you do :p hehe, then leaving the application open and having other people hunt for your is a great idea (or if you have to go to work or something), but you need to make sure you have stocked up on cheese! Marius Eriksen wrote on May 10, 2008 at 12:55 PM 3) With the treb/stone plus at least 80 or so swiss cheese you can head to the harbour. With this set up you will yield about 20k per day so your swiss army trap will not be far away. Some people prefer the explosive base first, that is fine too. Hmm... I doubt it with 20k, but 10k is absolutely within reach. I got explosive base and trebuchet and I have earned 7,7k so far after 22~ hours.

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