Vampire Mouse

[contributed by Jason Knott]


IF said...

Just caught a new shadow mouse and I thought I'd share it here ( I dont know where else to put it)

'Terror Knight Mouse'

"The gaze of this mouse burns terror into the hearts of those who cross their path. The King describes this mouse as the source of nightmares for both himself and his MouseHunters. So shaken by the sight of a Terror Knight mouse is the King that he does not encourage their capture"

Here's the image

IF said...

Just caught another one

'Giant Snail Mouse'

"Feasting upon what scraps of gooey Radioactive Blue cheese it finds, this horrific mouse has gorged itself to massive proportions."

Here's the image

JKK said...

hmm I used 300 Radioactive Brie's and can't seem to catch Vampire mouse? what trap set-ups did you uses?

I used a variety of bases but the Sinister Portal shadow trap.

Matt Toscino said...

Yeah dude. Im in the same situation. 200 RB and fifty of SB+. Had the ACRONYM, Clockopult,Christmas Cracker, and Nannybot on it. Nada

Anubama said...

I catch Vampire quite easily (at least 2 per day using ACRONYM + Fan Base + RB Cheese.

Ubersoldat said...

where and what cheese?