Walkthroughs #5

Garry John Riechert (Australia) wrote on Jun 20, 2008 at 9:45 AM Advice to newbies (any one with less than the Swiss army trap and hunting in the meadows or town). There seems to be a little confusion how the hunt happens. Heres the walk through. Lets keep things in Gnawnia.(Meadow,Town,Harbour,Mountains) action1/ You set your trap, baited with cheese. *pants heavily* action2/ Depending on the type of cheese you will attract or not attract a mouse.(this is dependent on your cheese, your accuracy value and now possibly your location) -If you fail to attract then there is a chance your cheese will go stale, is independent of everything except your trap which has an effect on your cheese.(If it goes stale you lose the cost of your cheese.) *bugger I'm going to get that cheese shoppe charlatan* -If you attract a mouse you move to the next action. action3/ Forget the cheese its gone. Your mouse has taken the bait, be it 10goldCheddar or 450goldSbrie. This is the cost of catching a mouse. - Your luck is tested, if you are lucky, you catch the mouse no questions asked.*OMG I caught a Zombie with Glue and Target base* -If you are not lucky, the power of your trap is compared with the power of the mouse with a random roll to mix things up. If you prove stronger you catch your mouse.*smug look of satisfaction* If you prove weaker you miss your mouse who is now dining on a 10goldCheddar or 450goldSbrie.*lips smacking* If you prove weaker in the Harbour or the Mountains by too great a margin, the mouse waits for the hunter and steals more cheese or gold or says 'boo' and takes away some courage(points). *I can't take it no more I'm going to the meadow for rehab!* 200gold and Sbrie at over150gold is a waste of gold if you fall under these criteria. You have a low powered trap (Anything under Swiss) or if you hunt in the Meadow or Town. ::::::::::: :::::::::::: It is because the majority of the mice you do catch won't cover the cost of the cheese you used. :::::::::::::::::::::: You'll do better using Swiss and Marble, you won't attract as many mice but you'll collect gold quicker which means you can upgrade to the next trap quicker and thats how you can steam ahead. Once you get the Swiss army trap and/or are in the Mountains or Harbour more factors get involved so you might have a new opinion. Do not confuse cheese attraction with the chance of catching a mouse. The more you hunt the more chance you have of getting ahead. Although there is some correlation between what cheese you use and what types of mice the cheese attracts.

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