Burglar Mouse at the Harbour

Townsend Duong (Stanford) replied to Louis's post on Jul 2, 2008 at 4:39 AM Louis, the Burglar mouse was introduced after Demi originally wrote this walk-through, and the Harbour subsequently became more risky. As a result, some hunters delay going to the Harbour until they have a more powerful trap than the Treb/Stone originally recommended. Maybe the Rocketine will be more popular now with its greater power. After all, the Rocketine/Stone is almost as powerful as the Treb/Explosive and costs about half as much gold. You can protect some of your gold by using it all to buy cheese before going to the Harbour, but that will only last until you start to earn gold from your catches. The Burglar mouse seems to be the most dangerous, so changing your cheese might be a way to reduce his appearances. This is probably too early to be using Brie anyway. Townsend Duong (Stanford) replied to Louis's post on Jul 2, 2008 at 5:08 AM It's definitely a risk vs reward choice to go hunt in the Harbour. It always was, but the Pirate mouse used to be the main concern. The Burglar mouse can swipe as much as 3000 points and is fairly common in the Harbour. You should worry most about gaining gold so that you will be able to upgrade. You only need to keep enough points to meet the requirements for the next trap component (I'd recommend Swiss Army in your case). Stolen points don't take away experience toward the next hunter level, so you won't be set back in terms of advancing in the game. Also, offset your point losses by sounding the horn yourself as much as possible. Once you go to the Mountain, virtually every mouse can steal from you, but the vast majority of mice are Dwarf or better, so every catch is valuable. You might have 1000 points stolen on one hunt and then have that erased on the next hunt by catching a 5 oz Diamond mouse worth 1195 points.

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