Trap Upgrades #1

Demi Demdem (New Zealand) on May 14, 2008 at 1:43 AM thanks for bumping the thread (and thanks townsend too!).. glad you are finding it useful.. so here is the next thing.. the break down of trap upgrades and WHY we do what we do.. ************* TRAP UPGRADES ************* I had planned to move from my treb/stone to the explosive and then to the swiss.. however, I went to the harbour feeling quite nervous and new about the whole thing, 88 pieces of swiss cheese to my name and caught 7 pirates in 18 hours.. The harbour tends to give you revenue of about 20k per day.. so even though i had that initial lucky pirate streak, it only actually took about 2 days to save for my swiss that way.. Then with the extra power of the swiss (remember that traps and bases tend to double the power of the previous, but the traps have more power than the bases so it was a much much bigger upgrade).. i had my explosive trap within 24 hours at the harour. Stayed until i would have enough to buy supplies and travel costs in town, and i went to the mountains where the revenue is about 50k per day, and had my deathbot within about 4 1/2 days. With all of the equal level traps (like treb/rocket) there is obviously a choice and some of it is personal preference. Personally with my choices i went tacky glue (not spring), mary (not crusher) and treb (not rocket).. all of those worked brilliantly and i had my deathbot within 12 days of playing the game. ****Okay, enough of your silly rant demi.. tell me what i need to know**** these are the things you need to consider when buying a trap.. 1) Accuracy - your chance of catching a mouse.. eg brie (90%) + trap bonuses 2) luck - your random chance draw - mary is the only trap really renowned for her luck! 3) Power - your power vs mouse power + roll = winner.. 4) power bonus - work out how much the power bonus is.. *****Calculated example ****** Crusher - power = 200, power bonus = 10% Mary = 250, power bonus = 0% assuming you have the wooden target base and you are considering which weapon to upgrade.. (75 power for stone + 0% power bonus) Crush/target would be 275 power + 10% bonus = 303ish total power Mary/target would be 325 + 0% bonus = 325 total power And in the case of Mary vs Crusher.. 20ish power + 5 luck is obviously a better choice.. ***** The eternal question ***** TREB OR ROCKET ***** This has got to be the most common thread (other than the begging threads).. Assuming you have the stone base: Power = 150 Power Bonus = 10 % Accuracy = 0% Luck = 0 Cheese Effect = Positive.. With the Treb (600 power, 2% power bonus, 1% accuracy, 1 luck and cheese effect = very positive) And the Rocket (650 power, 6% bonus power, 0% accuracy, 0 luck and cheese effect = very negative) Treb/stone = 750 + 12% power bonus = 840 power, 1% accuracy, 1 luck and very very positive cheese effect Rocket/stone = 800 + 16% power bonus = 928 power, 0% accuracy, 0 luck and negative cheese effect So, you are probably upgrading from Mary/stone (440 power including power bonus).. With either option you are basically doubling your power.. just under that with the treb and just over that with the rocketine.. either way that is a huge upgrade.. and you though you were catching mice before..!! To work out which is better, you need to work out what is it that catches mice? Accuracy attracts them, power catches them, luck is just an extra chance draw and cheese effect means that you don't lose cheese all the time.. Accordingly it is up to you to make your choice.. One more thing to consider is the effect of your next upgrade (either your explosive trap or your swiss army - if you go for the explosive when you have the rocketine, you may find you lose a lot of cheese with a very very negative cheese effect and if you are losing cheese, you aren't catching mice.. Personally I went from stone/treb/swiss/explosive/deathbot.. and even offer a money back guarantee on hunting that way lolz :p but there you are.. you have the information now and what you need to base your decision on.. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ enjoy.. demi :p

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