The Town of Digby

Townsend Duong (Stanford) wrote on Jul 11, 2008 at 7:23 PM There's a new town in the Burroughs region called The Town of Digby. The entrance is the drill sticking up out of the ground near the maze outside the Laboratory. To go to Digby, you must first have the map piece to the Burroughs Laboratory. Go hunt in the Lab when you meet the requirements, and the Key to the Town of Digby will be found as loot when you catch some Dwarf mice in the Lab. As with the map Ninja, not all Lab Dwarf mice will give you the key as loot. You can catch the Dwarf with pretty much any cheese, but I'd recommend Brie. I ended up catching the one with the key using Radioactive Blue, however. Once you have found the key, you will be able to travel to Digby for free. You may travel between the towns of Digby and Gnawnia freely without any cost. It will cost 19500 gold once again to go back to the Laboratory. Digby currently has a trapsmith with the Stone base, the Mouse DeathBot, and 3 new traps: Sinister Portal, Ambrosial Portal, and Digby DrillBot. The cheese shoppe carries only Cheddar, which they sell for 20 gold but refund for only the standard 10 gold. A wide variety of mice are available for hunting in Digby, including the Gold and Diamond mice that were previously not to be found in the Burroughs region and the White/Grey/Brown mice that used to be found in the Lab.

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